Private Wealth Club
Professional, Confidential and High Value


Receive nothing short of an outstanding and professional service for all your needs. We thrive to deliver above average solutions.


From end to end, private wealth club preserves the integrity of each transaction by keeping it confidential based on a need to know basis.

High Value

With our services being custom tailored, we only deliver high-value solutions to our clients through our unique business processes.

About us was created based on providing real time value in the areas of financial service strategies and education, business consulting, systemization of personal finances for individuals, private wealth structuring, input on the highest standards of asset protection, as well as perpetual value in the areas of risk and reward.

We found it essential to go up and beyond in terms of providing private and confidential services that are 100% custom tailored to each independent client that we serve. No one client will resemble another. Our clients appreciate the level of discretion and privacy that we provide and always get the best outcome for their unique needs when they sit across the desk from our professionals.

What makes us stand apart is the ways in which our team can execute specific tasks based on the best practices of the industry of finance and law. Moreover, over the years, we’ve developed fundamental mechanics to assist us with mandated objectives for us to serve our clients more effectively. Such mechanics include our continual business relationships with the most trusted and respected financial managers across the world, having a legal team at the forefront of innovation and business strategy, finding risk mitigation solutions when no others can provide them as well as being on top of industry updates and news as they happen. We go above the gold standard and are considered platinum grade when it comes to our business model.

Private Wealth Structuring Program

Having developed a significant financial milestone in most organizations or by individual families, planning and organizing the wealth structures becomes imperative.

Private Wealth Club provides in depth consultation to those who have achieved financial success and wish to plan on governing their family’s wellbeing and security.

The result will be a uniform family or corporate structure with the strongest attributes of risk mitigation, asset protection, well planned tax efficient vehicles, a fundamentally strong business plan and superior governance to maintain integrity all throughout.

Professional Training Program

Entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals who are in the professional field need to always uphold the highest standard of integrity and trustworthiness.

When it comes to your brand, you best ensure that when customers approach you or vici versa, that they truly understand your value proposition. To achieve the platinum standard of excellence, professional business management is key.

Private Wealth Club has developed a value based training and consulting program designed to help professionals achieve success by way of meticulous planning, systems engineering and result based benchmarking.

Financial Services Consulting

The financial services consulting offered here at private wealth club is based on one of two factors. The first factor takes into consideration identifying the request type. This essentially means the individual or entity making the request for the service. Being that we’re off market and completely private, we take discretion, privacy and confidentiality very seriously.

The second factor we take into consideration is whether if the request is personal or corporate. In virtue of providing high-end solutions, if we understand the situation ahead of time, we can then propose a whole level solution to our customers. Access to the Private Wealth Club includes but not limited to the most prestigious, professional, high-end and trusted professionals across the globe. The advice provided within our consultation sessions are not only full of expert opinions, thoroughly researched concepts and pristine financial recommendations, they also come with a structured plan that can easily be executed with complete confidence and peace of mind.

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Business Management

From start to finish, Private Wealth Club provides services to manage a business’s prosperity and wellbeing by planning, designing and implementing fundamental tools and resources based on modern demand. Even struggling businesses can take advantage of this program based on initial private consultation where a pathway will be clearly defined so that the steps to implement going forward are realistically achieved and are easily measurable.

For businesses that are in their phase of growth, we help plan assertively to ensure a smooth and riskless transition based on the highest standards of compliance, law and financial feasibility.

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Advanced Risk Mitigation Consulting

The world is full of uncertainties and there are times where you personally, your business and your assets will be at risk. No one can control or foreshadow an unforeseen circumstance nor can anyone predict the future. Building your wealth, it is certain that you don’t plan on losing any of it, so why rely on third party organizations for succession planning when they have no idea or clue about what it takes to maintain the position that you’re in, let alone handle risks efficiently and effortlessly?

Private Wealth Club helps in advanced risk mitigation planning by providing holistic consulting and analysis based on your past, present and future. We consider your history and present to make a solution that is custom tailored and designed uniquely for future generations.

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profile pic ali haidar tarafdar

Ali Tarafdar

Currently acting as the chief operating strategist and manager for Ali has a rich and broad background in the areas of credit, debt, finance and risk mitigation. His primary focus is to establish strategic benchmarks for each client he serves. Part of his operational strategy is to diagnose each client’s unique situations and customize realistic and beneficially genuine objectives that can be reached through systems that are easily integrated in their existing businesses and lives.

With the tendency to always think from a more elevated and bird’s eye perspective, Ali loves to take on new challenges in the areas of finance and business that most would consider difficult. Creativity has always been one of Ali’s strong traits and he loves to craft custom financial tools and resources for his clients.

Preferred Partner Program

For those business, finance and professional consultants who are looking for an upper edge and superior quality in terms of financial tools and resources. Private Wealth Club has designed a unique highly practical program for those interested in participating. From a more elevated standpoint, this program was designed to test the aptitude of professionals who wish to join us as affiliates.

Furthermore, even though the program be open for everyone to participate in, it is highly competitive and requires a deep focus of understanding in the areas of finance, some law, consulting best practices as well as a strong sense of professional and personal ethics code. For those who qualify and satisfy our criteria, will be sent a welcome package along with some tools and resources to help them better achieve more with our high-end services. Contact us to learn more.